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Betting Records for Bumpers to Jumpers 1st September 2018 to 31st May 2019

23-July-2018 12:15
in General
by Admin

Although we have been playing around with summer jump racing and getting our feet under the table so to speak with managing the website, the real fun and the real punting wont start until after 1st September.

It will probably be slow to start with but there are some nice Irish meeting in September at Galway and Listowel. But a full record of all bets between the above mentioned dates will be kept on here.

All bets will be advised on a staking plan of 1pt to 3 pt to reflect confidence in the bet. Everyone has different means so the points profit will reflect weather your up to £1 a point or £5 a point. As I say we all have different means but please dont ever bet beyond your means. 

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