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Towcester Closure

16-August-2018 9:28
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by Admin

Very sad to see the news this morning that Towcester Racecourse is going into Administration. 

The racing Authorities must act, and quick. It was bad enough to lose Hereford for a short period and Folkstone completly, but somehow I cant help feeling that this is a bigger deal.

I have thought, like a lot of others I suspect, that Towcester's financial model of free entry to weekday meetings was the way forward and a beacon of hope for punters everywhere that think ticket prices in general are too high. I wrongly assumed it was working for them, Clearly it wasnt. 

It will be one of the saddest moments for all National Hunt Fans everywhere if Towcester is allowed to drift away into history. How many times over the years have we seen the complextion of a race completely change from the bottom of the hill. Climbing that gruelling finishing straight in soft or heavy ground must feel like the horse is cimbing the north face of the Eiger and a jockeys lungs must feel like they are going to burst with all the pushing, kicking he has to do to keep the horse going. I can see Tony McCoy now in my minds eye, galvanising his mount for one last late lunge as the field in front tire up the hill. 

It's not a track that generally attracts the stars of our game, but it is a track the typifies the spirit of the sport not only in its level of competition but in the true National Hunt supporting crowd that have adorned the track over the years.

Clearly the financial model has not worked, if it survives, it will have to become a paying to enter track again. Let us hope and pray that a soloution is found ASAP and I for one will support the track with a membership and attend as often as I can.

We have had the warning, lets hope we are not going to the funeral 


Pete Ingram 

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