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Pete Ingram Talks About Staking Plan and Betting Bank Policy

11-September-2018 8:23
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by Admin

Just a quick follow up to my blog regarding the races we are going to be studying and betting in over the coming months.

A number of followers on twitter and people who read this site have been asking me about betting banks and how they should stake each bet.

I laid out a points system of 1pt to 3pts, 1pt being the standard bet to 3pts being advised due to not only a high degree of confidence, but more importantly a high degree of value. That is to say if we find a horse that we like the look of, form wise, and we consider it to be a true 2/1 shot but best price on offer is, say 5/2 or 3/1 then that would normally constitute a 1pt bet.

If the 2/1 shot was 4/1 or 9/2 I would consider a 2pt bet because we are getting better value.

If the 2/1 shot was 5/1 or greater we would consider a max bet of 3pts because we are getting what we would consider to be excellent value with regard to the horses true chance in OUR, and I mean OUR, opinion. Another blogger or tipster might wildley disagree with us. One mans rubbish is another mans gold as the saying goes.

Being right about the form and the value is where we live and die with regards too profit and loss.

Once a horses form has been established prior to the race and our opinion is formed, that isnt going to change,its fixed. We then establish the price, the true price, of our horse, in fact we establish, what we consider to be the true price for every horse by making a true 100% book,which is again, our opinion.

We then compare the price of our form horse to the prices on offer and as previously explained decide whether a bet is viable by comparing prices. Obviously, if our mythical 2/1 shot is 2/1 or less in the market then there is no bet.

With regards to betting banks, I am only prepared to set the criterion under which we decide what is a viable bet and what isn't. 

I will not advise anyone to have X amount of money on a horse per point. We all have our own individual finances and no two people are the same and frankly it would be reckless of me to advise someone to have £100 per point when they cant afford it.

Please just enjoy this site for what it is and BET WELL WITHIN YOUR MEANS dont bet any more than you can afford at anytime whatsover even if the horse is a 3pt bet. 

Hopefully we can have a lot of fun and enjoyment and make a nice profit over the winter and come out of it in May with a nice profit, in proportions to your means, but more importantly just enjoy it. No tipster on this planet is the road to a pot of gold, that is just a fact. 

Paul and I want this to be so much more than a tipping site, we want to bring a lot more things to the site over the winter regarding all aspects of National Hunt Racing, its a labour of love for a sport we love, so enjoy it for what is and lets all have some fun.

Pete Ingram ( @BumperToJumper on twitter)





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