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Galway 31st July 2018 NH Review

01-August-2018 8:57
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by Admin

To say I am hugely disappointed about the results of the Listed Hurdle and the Beginners Chase at Galway last night would somewhat of an understatement.

Although we did not have any investment in the Listed Novice Hurdle I was looking forward to a keenly contested race between the Mullins Horses that dominated the market. A good race would have given us a fair idea where both Exchange Rate and Pakora stood and taking the time into consideration I could have rated the race which may have given us an edge next time. With Exchange Rates departure, when unseated at the first, the race was robbed of a contest in any meaningful way and cannot be rated effectively.

Now, the Beginners Chase in which we had a 1pt win interest on Chateau Conti was remarkable in that the horse unseated the rider at the first fence in almost the same manner as Exchange Rate deposited his Jockey in the Listed Novice Hurdle. 

We will never know of course what would have happend and we can only speculate, but when I look at the time of the race and the manner in which St Stephans Green went through the race, the fact that he struggled to put the race to bed, in my eye, having cruised up to take the lead off the home bend, against a rejuvinated Winter Escape ( ex Alan King horse). However the close up presence of Niven in the home straight confirms the holding down of the form for me.

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Chateau Conti would have gone very very close, if not won this race, had it not been for the unseating at the first and I confidently recommend to you you all to keep him in your tracker, redememption for the horse and our pocket awaits.

One point I think we should also bear in mind is that one of the other horses spread a plate on the way down to the start and it seemed to take an eternity to get the farrier down there, get the horse sorted and get them underway.

Again we will never know, but when horses are at the start of a race, Flat and Jumps, they know what they are there for, they know whats going to happen and they are pumped and ready to go.

We have all seen how restless horses get in the stalls when another wont go in and are waiting to go, its the same at the start of an NH race, the horse is wound up, pumped and any delay can have an effect. 

In my opinion, they waited too long last night and Chateau Conti lost concecntration somewhere down at the start with all the hanging around and, rightly or wrongly, I am convinced in was a contributing factor in what happend at the first fence. 

It seems churlish to suggest a horse who spread a plate going to the start should be withdrawn but neither is it beyond the the wit of man to find someway to cut that time delay down. Farrier at start of every race ? Farrier follows runners to start ? 

Just a thought.


Pete Ingram 




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